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The Social Network Writers Can’t Afford to Ignore

by Cherie Lowe

Over the last six years, the online platform Pinterest exploded with new followers. Over 110 million users are actively engaged each month, spending an average of 98 minutes browsing content and clicking through to websites.

Many writers overlook this social media network at their own peril. Why? Because 88 percent of Pinterest users purchase a product that they pin. People aren’t just viewing Pinterest; they are engaging, clicking, and buying.

Think your website or blog doesn’t have Pinterest potential because you don’t post recipes, crafts, or DIYs? Think again.

Pinterest has the flexibility to work for almost any writer because it combines visual elements with written words. This social network has space for all types of authors.

My best performing pins vary in content from a touching post about my daughter’s teacher to an informative piece suggesting 5 Things to Do at the Beginning of Every Month to an interview with a single mom paying off debt. If you write great content that connects with and informs readers on any subject, there’s a place for it on Pinterest.

There are great resources online to teach you the tools of the trade. I scoured YouTube for tips, tutorials, and best practices of these tools. I’m still no expert and daily discover a new strategy by following Pinterest gurus like Simple Pin Media, Pinterest Strategist, and Amy Lynn Andrews.

Convinced? Great. But now you may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of adding something else to your already stuffed to-do list. I can solve that problem for you too.

Here’s one of the secrets to mastering Pinterest: Use auto pinning tools.

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If you seriously want your Pinterest following to grow, you need to look into third party pinning tools like Boardbooster and Tailwind. These online services allow you to automatically pin and repin your very best content at the most optimal hours. I use both in conjunction with each other.

At first, I signed up only for the free option of Boardbooster. Then I worked my way up to a paid plan (you pay $0.01 per pin). I have now started using Tailwind, which offers unique options of its own.

Like other social media networks, Pinterest wields incredible influence and you can no longer choose to ignore it. That’s why the Write Brilliant course included rich content about mastering social media.

When it comes to Pinterest, one of the biggest selling points is its ability to take your best content and place it in front of the eyes of your followers months and even years after you’ve created it. This will introduce your work to new potential members of your tribe time and time again.

Make your new hobby following these simple steps and learning more strategies to maximize that Pinterest power.

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