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Success Stories

Success Stories

"Jonathan and Margaret are two of the best writing coaches in America, and I've learned much from them over the years. Their Write Brilliant program will help you grow deep roots and a wide reach. Do not wait to sign-up!"

– Gabe Lyons
Bestselling author of Good Faith and founder of Q

"I highly recommend Jonathan and Margaret's program for writers of any level!"

– Jennie Allen,
bestselling author of Nothing to Prove and founder of IF:Gathering

"The firehose of information I absorbed through Write Brilliant transformed the way I write. Jonathan and Margaret bring a combined breadth of knowledge and a straight-shooting style that helped me clarify my target audience, expand my platform, and get practical about what it takes to dedicate myself to my craft. I learned more in this one course than in all past conferences, books, blogs, and videos I’ve engaged. Write Brilliant is a one-stop-shop for taking your writing to the next level."

– September Vaudrey,
author of Colors of Goodbye

"In all my years of leading organizations, I've encountered dozens of how-to programs, but none of them has been more effective then this one. I should know. The Write Brilliant strategy gave me the boost of confidence I needed to create two books on leadership. Whether you want to author a book or just create a blog, make sure you don't miss this fantastic course."

– Brad Lomenick,
author of H3 Leadership and former director of Catalyst

"I've been an editor and writer at several large publications over the years, but I've never come across a program that better prepares writers, bloggers, and authors than Write Brilliant. Jonathan and Margaret's program even helped me frame the idea for my first book!"

– Roxanne Stone,
Editor-in-chief of Barna Group and former editorial director for Relevant Magazine

"Jonathan and Margaret’s course was exceedingly useful, not just in sharpening my writing skills, but in enhancing my capacity to communicate effectively via social media. If you are a writer, or considering writing I heartily recommend Write Brilliant to you."

-Deb Hirsch,
author of Redeeming Sex

"Margaret and Jonathan writers of the highest caliber, who have been through the war and come out victorious--and, maybe more important, happy and at peace. Their writing is great, and they share skills and disciplines that help the rest of us improve our craft. Their constitutions are steely, and they communicate and inspire remarkable resolve in those of us who dare to enter their boot camp. Get in on whatever they're offering. It'll toughen you up for the battle ahead!"

– David Zimmerman,
Senior editor for Navpress

“Jonathan and Margaret understand the beautiful science of writing. The principles they teach left me with techniques that helped me take my writing from proficient to powerful.”

– Dale Partridge,
National Bestselling Author of
People Over Profit

"Never have I taken a course which coalesced such compelling information, stark realism, profound inspiration and practical instruction."

– David Ellis,
writer at and Write Brilliant alum

"Write Brilliant fulfilled my need to lose the lame excuses. The team created curriculum, delivered dynamically and exceeded expectations. Extreme value for time and money invested."

– Lisa Lewis,
Writer at Learning Along the Way and Write Brilliant alum

"I learned many things including the practical knowledge of how to improve my writing, how to narrow my focus on who my 'audience' should be, how to wordsmith and how to integrate great writing while maximizing social media to highlight a few things. If you are interested in taking your writing to the next level for greater impact, this is the one course you need to take!"

– Rob Harter,
writer at and Write Brilliant alum

"Write Brilliant was my first major step in taking my writing seriously. It challenged me and gave me practical tools and takeaways to implement immediately. I appreciated the in depth lessons and practical application given during each session. I would encourage anyone who's apprehensive or fearful to take the plunge and register. And for anyone who is eager and ready, Write Brilliant will add an extra push of motivation to your already budding passion."

– Kandis Davis,
writer at and Write Brilliant alum

Write Brilliant expanded, honed, and developed my skills and focus. I came in unsure of myself and how to actually do the things that I wanted to do. I now have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a successful writer in today's writing environment. I also made many connections to help my writing moving forward.

-Paul McDonald,
writer at and Write Brilliant alum

"As a minister, my writing responsibilities range from sermons to curriculum to bulletin articles to blog posts. Write Brilliant better equipped me for all of those! It was such a blessing to learn under Margaret, Jonathan, and the whole team. Anxiously awaiting Write Brilliant 2.0!"

– Randy Johns,
Write Brilliant alum

"Write Brilliant blew my mind. The team provided very clear direction for me to move forward as I work to hone my craft. Jonathan, Margaret and the entire team gave me the tools and knowledge to move forward as a writer. If you are on the edge on whether to register or not, jump. It will be worth your while."

-Elizabeth Steinocher,
Writer at and Write Brilliant alum

"Holy smokes! I learned how to write a book, a legit book. I appreciated the thoroughness of the curriculum, and how systematically Margaret and Jonathan worked through the process. If a friend asked me for my feedback I'd beg them to sign-up."

-Claire Margit,
Writer at and Write Brilliant alum

"My friends tell me I am an idea factory. But ideas aren't any good if you can't organize them. The Write Brilliant strategy helped me arrange my ideas into a compelling format and accelerate the publishing process. Want to be a writer? Take the leap and let Margaret and Jonathan help you realize your dream."

Candace Payne
 Chewbacca mom and author

I am loving your Write Brilliant course and learning more than I ever imagined.

Janice Shepard
Congregational Care Pastor at Georgianna Church

Today I gutted my website after watching the session. I didn't realize how much clutter existed that was taking away from the core message I'm trying to communicate. Thank you for the great information.

Shelby Spear
Writer at

Margaret and Jonathan writers of the highest caliber, who have been through the war and come out victorious--and, maybe more important, happy and at peace. Their writing is great, and they share skills and disciplines that help the rest of us improve our craft.

David Zimmerman
NavPress editor

I love and appreciate how you’ve given me enough information and example to improve. An example is the verb list. When Margaret first said start keeping a verb list, it didn’t click until she shared a couple of examples. It will help my develop my voice as a writer.

Jenny Smith
Writer at

Love the videos. Great to have something/someone to "go to" to move my writing forward. Someone who really cares! So good.

Dayna Mazurca
Christian writer, speaker, and poet at