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How to Submit Your Work to An Agent Checklist

by Margaret Feinberg

How do you stand out in a crowded agent’s inbox?

I have friends in the publishing industry whose inboxes explode with query letters and book proposals. They often share the same frustrations.

Those submitting a proposal don’t bother…

To know the agent’s name.
To research the types of books the agent represents.
To study the appropriate length of manuscript for their genre.
To resist submitting your artwork (unless you’re the artist).
To develop a single well developed idea.
To consider their platform.
To understand what an agent does.
To proof their submission.
To submit to an agent individually rather than blind CC.
To avoid the hype of the insecure writer.
To craft a killer title and subtitle.
To include the estimated completion of manuscript.
To skip the glitter and glow sticks.

That’s a shortlist of the checklist, but if you’d like the full list…

You can download Agent Submission Checklist as FREE resource, by clicking here.



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