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How to Increase Your Traffic By 1000 Percent (Not a Typo)

by Shelby Spear

Shelby Spear used to read Guideposts stories to her children. “One day mommy will have a story published in this magazine,” Shelby told her kids.

That was 16 years ago.

In July, Shelby Spear’s article, Inked With Love, appeared in Guideposts magazine.

Shelby, who writes at, became a student of the Write Brilliant Academy in 2015 (formerly Writers Boot Camp). Before she joined the Academy, she was sharing spiritual devotions on a personal blog, writing for her parish newsletter, and dabbling in writing a book.

Shelby submitted a story to Guideposts back in 2010 which was rejected. “I read it again recently and realized how much Write Brilliant Academy taught me. My writing was awful.”

“I learned so much that almost every aspect of my writing changed,” she says.

“Learning to zoom my prose, snuff the fluff, cut out the adverbs, apply word magic, and craft proper story structure fall on the short list of lessons implemented.

I also realized I was writing to an audience of everyone which really meant no one.

Through the Academy, my confidence skyrocketed and within four months I was getting multiple articles published on several on-line sites. For pay even!”

One of the big game changers for Shelby was the instruction to create a consistent brand for a platform across all social media channels and personal blog using her full name.

She logged into her GoDaddy account during the live training and purchased She then set up her Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts named “shelspear’.

All her platforms have grown.

By focusing her attention on Twitter, she’s seen her followers grow by 4,400%. That’s not a typo.

How do you increase your traffic by 1000%?

Shelby recommends the following Write Brilliant Academy Best Practices:

  1. Create a consistent brand for a platform across all social media and your blog. You can purchase your name as a URL for your site such as GoDaddy. If your name is unavailable, consider adding your middle name or the word “writes” after your name such as ShelbySpearWrites. Then set up your Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts with the same handle. Even if you don’t plan to build your social media right now, grab your consistent name while it’s still available.
  2. Push your content throughout all your social media outlets. When you write a new blog, create a list of three catchy ways to introduce the content in other outlets. If you’re writing a post on the perils of the empty nest, develop hooks such as “What no one is telling you about the empty nest”, “Why the empty nest is harder and better than you imagined,” and “How to have a full life when you have an empty nest,” that are ready to post throughout all your social media outlets.
  3. Interact with your audience. Whenever your readers like, retweet, or comment, acknowledge them with a like or word of thanks. You’ll make them feel appreciated and build loyalty.
  4. Follow, share, and promote authors publishing similar content. Connecting with other bloggers builds relationships. If you like their content and it will benefit your audience, then share away. Most times other writers return the favor, which helps both parties reach a wider audience and builds camaraderie in your genre.
  5. Join private Facebook groups. Once you’ve had an article published on an on-line site, the editor invites you to join a private FB page where all the writers can meet and interact. Most of the groups provide opportunity to share your posts from either your own blog or outside publications to build community and grow your audience. You will meet amazing and talented people in these groups which often leads to new followers.

As for your writing, Shelby advises:

“Get off the fence yesterday.

If you have a burning desire to share your story, believe in yourself and do it. God wanted me to pursue my writing career and finish a book years ago and I kept hedging because of a lack of confidence.

When the email for Write Brilliant Academy landed in my inbox two years ago, an unexpected peace washed over me and within ten minutes I had a registration confirmation.

The Write Brilliant Academy has far surpassed my expectations and wildest dreams. Don’t. Give. Up.”

To learn more about the Write Brilliant Academy, take our free mini-course at today.



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