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How Do I Call Myself a Writer?

by Laura Dingman

Meet our friend, Laura. Laura is a worship leader, pastor, mom, and author. Before being introduced to Write Brilliant, Laura had one self-published study, but still didn’t consider herself a writer.

Sound familiar? Laura isn’t alone. So many of you wrestle with calling yourself a writer. But that’s exactly what you are.  

Now, Laura has published two Bible studies with Moody Publishers and continues to transform lives through her story.

We asked Laura to pop over and share some of her advice for those who struggle to call themselves writers.

[[Write Brilliant]] Where were you in your writing journey before were introduced to Write Brilliant for the first time? Where are you now? 

[[Laura Dingman]] Before I began Write Brilliant, I honestly didn’t believe I was a writer. I was stuck. Stuck in a lack of confidence, somewhat paralyzed. I wasn’t sure what came next. I had self-published a Bible study, but didn’t understand the craft of writing as an art. Prior to Write Brilliant, I felt as though I was shooting a target with a blindfold after someone spun me around for a bit

Now, I can see the target with clarity.

I’m not as terrified. Sure, I still doubt my own ability as a writer, but I think that’s part of being an artist at times. We watch others in our craft do their best and it inspires us to do ours as well.

What did you learn from Write Brilliant that helped you move toward publishing, growing a platform, and publishing?

Through Write Brilliant, I learned more of the discipline of writing. I gathered tools that enabled me to wield words with greater wisdom. Through different exercises I more clearly determined who my actual audience was, not who I thought it might be.

How is your life different now that you’ve written your Bible studies?  

The significance has been in my own walk with Christ. I truly believe anything I write that I haven’t applied to my own personal life or struggled through isn’t worth anyone really reading. I first wrote about the topics in my studies in my own journal, in my time alone with God. They were nuggets for me to learn and live first.

What’s one secret tip that can help new writers succeed? 

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t expect perfection. In fact, kick it in the teeth whenever you can. Give yourself grace for your early work. It will be bad and that’s ok. Everyone’s early work is bad! Just start. Where you are. Right now.

What’s the most satisfying part of your work helping people through your writing?

My absolute favorite part of writing is when someone encounters God in a fresh way because of something I’ve partnered with Him to write. When a person explains they’ve never been able to read and understand the Bible on their own, but a method I introduced them to through one of my studies gave them the ability to do that, I couldn’t be more thrilled. 

I know I need to take Laura’s advice on the daily: Be Kind To Yourself. We can be our harshest critics. But when we show ourselves grace and allow God to transform lives through our stories, we can embrace our calling: Being a writer. 

Laura Dingman serves as the Creative Arts Director at The Creek, a church in Indianapolis, IN where she leads worship, helps build community, and engages people in the story of God. She is the author of I Am Found: Quitting the Game of Hide and Seek (Moody Publishers), This I Know: Trusting Your Unknown Future to a Known God (Moody Publishers), and Life Rhythms: Learning to Live in God-Centered Time (self-published). Learn more about her ministry at

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