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Do you have what it takes to be a writer?

by Margaret Feinberg

“Do I have what it takes to be a writer?” asked one of the students in the Write Brilliant Academy.

While surfing online she stumbled on an agent’s website that said…

“Most people should not be encouraged to write.”

Those words sent her into a spiral of self-doubt and second-guessing. I soon followed into a spine-tingly death spiral myself.

Those. Are. Scary. Words.

Then I remembered….

Agents’ inboxes explode each day with pitches and book proposals.

Most arrive from the same crew. People who never took the time to study guidelines for submission, review the agent’s area of interest, develop a big idea, build a platform, or even learn the agent’s name.

I’m increasingly becoming convinced this type of approach comes from people who cornered someone at a dinner party and refused to stop talking.

The angsty escapee assured the persistent talker, “You should write a book,” then slipped away to the restroom or appetizer table or out the bathroom window.

You should write a book has become a cliché response in far too many conversations.

The phrase is used to…

respond to an unusual story… inform you that you’re quirky…attempt to change the topic of discussion.

Some people take those words literally.

They track down a list of agents’ mailing and email addresses and send a poorly-crafted, generic letter to all of them.

All the while they ignore graciousness, proper protocol, and respect for the agent’s time and, ahem, name.

In those cases, I agree those people should not be encouraged to write a book.

Then there are people like you, who have been told again and again (not at dinner parties) …

“You need to write that down.”

“People need to hear your story.”

“That idea will transform people’s lives.”

“God’s given you something beautiful.”

“Whoa! That’s too good to keep to yourself.”

“You have a gift.”

“If you don’t write that book no one will.”

And when you hear those words, you need to write.

With each passing page, you’ll discover the God-instilled message of hope and redemption residing in you, how far you’ve come, and yes, how far you still need to go.

Through words, you’ll make the journey for you and those around you more beautiful and brilliant.

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Much love,


P.S. Please stop reading junk on the Internet. You stepped in poop. Kick it from your shoes. Keep marching.



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