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What do you feel when you hear the word “marketing”?

Many writers tend to get fidgety or want to hide in the corner in the fetal position. I’ve seen it time and again.

When it comes to marketing, and especially digital or online marketing, many people I know would love to pay someone to make it go away. Yet when it comes to building an audience and impacting people with the message you’ve been entrusted with…

You probably don’t have the five-to-six-to-seven figures to make it all go away. And even if you did, no one can be you online or with your audience. Your people want you. Your insights. Your wisdom. Your funnies. Your photos.

I started to explore why this this whole idea of online marketing scares writers and discovered there’s a huge gap in understanding of how digital marketing fits into building a personal platform for writing and publishing.

Online marketing for writers is simply engaging with your audience. Starting conversations. Sharing ideas. Letting people in on your life and discoveries.

Wow. It suddenly became less scary didn’t it?

Don’t overthink it. Online marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to learn from your audience as they learn from you. In return, it builds your platform, naturally.

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Shelby Spear used to read Guideposts stories to her children. “One day mommy will have a story published in this magazine,” Shelby told her kids.

That was 16 years ago.

In July, Shelby Spear’s article, Inked With Love, appeared in Guideposts magazine.

Shelby, who writes at, became a student of the Write Brilliant Academy in 2015 (formerly Writers Boot Camp). Before she joined the Academy, she was sharing spiritual devotions on a personal blog, writing for her parish newsletter, and dabbling in writing a book.

Shelby submitted a story to Guideposts back in 2010 which was rejected. “I read it again recently and realized how much Write Brilliant Academy taught me. My writing was awful.”

“I learned so much that almost every aspect of my writing changed,” she says.

“Learning to zoom my prose, snuff the fluff, cut out the adverbs, apply word magic, and craft proper story structure fall on the short list of lessons implemented.

I also realized I was writing to an audience of everyone which really meant no one.

Through the Academy, my confidence skyrocketed and within four months I was getting multiple articles published on several on-line sites. For pay even!”

One of the big game changers for Shelby was the instruction to create a consistent brand for a platform across all social media channels and personal blog using her full name.

She logged into her GoDaddy account during the live training and purchased She then set up her Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts named “shelspear’.

All her platforms have grown.

By focusing her attention on Twitter, she’s seen her followers grow by 4,400%. That’s not a typo.

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After I decided to master Pinterest in 2015, I doubled my following in 12 months. The next year, I tripled it. Today, I have more than 30,000 people following my Pinterest. For those of you playing along at home, that’s a whopping 650 percent increase of followers in less than 22 months.

Even better, the social network now directs thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) of views to my blog every day.

As I’ve learned, growing your Pinterest following is easier than you think. Anyone can do it—and yes, that means you.

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On April 15, I scrolled through a tweet from Beth Moore regarding the “people of the brand.” Her words challenged me, but like others, left a pinch of confusion.

The tweet sparked a long twitter conversation, perhaps because it hit such a deep nerve.

Something we all see. We all feel. We all wrestle with.

Beth Moore responded with a full post on the subject, apologizing for her out-of-context tweet. She calls us Christward when she writes:Read More


Over the last six years, the online platform Pinterest exploded with new followers. Over 110 million users are actively engaged each month, spending an average of 98 minutes browsing content and clicking through to websites.

Many writers overlook this social media network at their own peril. Why? Because 88 percent of Pinterest users purchase a product that they pin. People aren’t just viewing Pinterest; they are engaging, clicking, and buying.Read More



You know that woman online who shares your Facebook posts with her tribe? Or the man who always leaves encouraging comments on your articles? What about the person who retweets links to all your blog posts?

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