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Margaret and Jonathan

Margaret and Jonathan never wanted to be writing coaches.

They were satisfied with their successful writing careers and were content to stay on course. Plus, they didn’t see themselves as experts.

But over the years, they received stacks of emails and letters from aspiring writers asking for help and guidance. The requests kept mounting and mounting until they felt compelled to take action.

In 2012, Jonathan and Margaret decided to host a small writers’ gathering in Colorado on a whim. The event sold out in 48 hours. Margaret and Jonathan went on to host three more live events in cities across America.

Every event sold out within days.

Feedback from these events was overwhelmingly positive, and attendees went on to create popular blogs, build impressive platforms, and publish books with major publishing houses.

But Jonathan and Margaret knew that two days was an inadequate amount of time to fully train students. Writers need time to process, practice, refine, and grow in their craft.

That’s when they created Write Brilliant, a revolutionary 16-week online course that’s delivered in four modules. This easy-to-digest, bite-size teaching method, allows members to discover all the strategies and techniques Margaret and Jonathan have learned during more than 31 years of publishing experience.

Write Brilliant is built on the belief that anyone can be a writer if they learn to craft spectacular prose for a specific person while building a sustainable platform.

Today, Margaret and Jonathan’s unique audience-centric, content-driven philosophy is revolutionizing writers’ lives and futures.

They are grateful to the many aspiring writers whose requests pushed them to launch this course. (You know who you are.)

An Unlikely Friendship
At the quaint Magnolia Bakery outside of Atlanta, a friendship was forged over breakfast in 2006.

Jonathan was an aspiring writer with only a single published article to his name, and Margaret was budding in her career.

During breakfast that morning, Jonathan asked me, “If you could do anything different in your writing career what would it be?” “I’d go mainstream,” I answered. I know now that I’ve been on a path that’s been used in a powerful way. But I had no idea how those words would impact Jonathan’s writing career. – Margaret

I had already been deeply impacted by Margaret’s books, but over breakfast I realized that she took her craft seriously. She is the hardest working writer I know, and it shows up in the quality of her work. That day I left with a mentor and a friend. – Jonathan

Since then, Margaret has grown an extensive fanbase within the faith community. Meanwhile, Jonathan has become one of premier religion writers in America. He specializes in reaching a mainstream audience.

Jonathan and Margaret invested more than 10,000 hours formulating their unique approach to writing. 

No other online writing course has been tested more extensively—in thousands of articles in prestigious publications, on national television and radio networks, and in New York Times bestselling books.

Are you ready to share the story you’ve been given, establish yourself as a thought leader, and multiply your audience? Do you ache for the confidence to take the next step?

Then join the Write Brilliant Academy.



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