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A 3-Step Process to Make Money as a Blogger

by Write Brilliant Team

Blogging is either a joke or a riddle to most people.

Some people think it is a low-level form of writing that lacks editorial oversight and promotes shallowness. Others see its value but don’t understand how to crack the code of blogging so that it is worth their time.

If that’s you, don’t worry. Blogging can be a great way to grow your audience, make an impact on your readers, and even make money. Follow this easy three-step process and your words will be earning money in no time.

1. Convert Visitors into Subscribers.

We don’t have to tell you that great content is critical for growing your blog. Without it, you’re dead. But that’s not the only necessary element. Your visitors must become subscribers.

Size does matter – the size of your email subscribership, that is. Social sharing drives brand new readers straight to your online doorstep. Don’t let them walk away without finding a place in your digital address book.

At Write Brilliant, we suggest utilizing a pop-up plugin like PopupAlly (free!) or OptinMonster (paid, but great) to catch the eye and attention of visitors and easily add them to your e-mail subscription list.

You might also consider offering a subscriber incentive — a free e-Book, devotional, or worksheet—to make signing up more enticing. At Write Brilliant, we will send you three video lectures at no cost.

2. Send Subscribers Trust-Building Content.

Too many bloggers capture subscribers only to lose them after an email or two.

You will lose subscribers if you’re too sales-y. People signed up for an email, not non-stop marketing pitches. You’ll also lose subscribers if you’re too flimsy. Your content must be deep and practical.

At Write Brilliant, we worked overtime to make sure our Free 10-minute Writing Makeover served our audience. Our team brainstormed for weeks to make sure we mined groundbreaking tips for this offering.

You should do the same. Offer your email subscribers content to convince them that you’re trustworthy and worth listening to.

3. Implement a Monetization Strategy.

We all have to pay the bills, which means we cannot work for free. Eventually, you must make an ask with a price tag attached. Digital exposure brings with it the opportunity to monetize page views and clicks.

Writers have to pay the bills, which means we cannot work for free. Click To Tweet

If you don’t have a saleable product, create one. Maybe it is a self-published e-book or a traditional trade book or artwork or, like we offer through Write Brilliant, an online course.

You may not have a product in mind just yet. No worries. At a bare minimum, consider using an affiliate program like Amazon’s to point readers toward resources they need while making a little money for you, too. Amazon also recently rolled out a CPM Ad program that allows you to place ads easily on your sidebar.

Plenty of other solid companies can help you monetize your site including Google Adsense, Media.net, Monumetric, or Adthrive.

As Zig Ziglar observes: “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

A few simple steps could catapult your good posts into amazing outcomes.

Implement this 3-step strategy today and you could be making money by tomorrow.

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