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3 Surefire Ways Pinterest Will Drive Traffic to Your Site

by Cherie Lowe

After I decided to master Pinterest in 2015, I doubled my following in 12 months. The next year, I tripled it. Today, I have more than 30,000 people following my Pinterest. For those of you playing along at home, that’s a whopping 650 percent increase of followers in less than 22 months.

Even better, the social network now directs thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) of views to my blog every day.

As I’ve learned, growing your Pinterest following is easier than you think. Anyone can do it—and yes, that means you.

Here’s the secret sauce for establishing a strong Pinterest game:

  1. Design Phenomenal Pins.

I know what you’re thinking: Well, duh. But there’s more to a great pin than meets the eye.

Remember that images prompt clicks. On a visual platform like Pinterest, you need to pay close attention to how you design your Pins. The ideal size for Pinterest specific images is 735px by 1102 px. These longer images gain more visibility in the Pinterest feed while also providing more space for you to add eye-catching photos or graphics and descriptive text.

Be consistent. Use a similar scheme of fonts, colors, and watermarked logos with each pin you create. This helps users quickly identify your brand in their feed. The easiest place to design your pins is the free online tool Canva.

My best performing pins have words on them, with succinct and clear descriptions of the post. 5 Things You Should Always Make Yourself to Save Money, 15 Grocery Items to Buy at the Beginning of Every Month, and 5 Places to Earn Free Disney Gift Cards have all performed well thanks to this strategy.

Would your image cause you to click or pass by? Compel your followers to click by creating enticing graphics.

  1. Create Great Content.

Another seeming duh! point that is also deceptively tricky.

While beautiful, branded pins will pique a reader’s interest, great content causes them to save your post. It can be touching, moving, personal, informative, or education—whatever it is, make it great. If you aren’t sure how to make great content, check out other articles here at Write Brilliant.

But you don’t want all the content to be yours. No one wants to hear you talk about yourself all the time – in person or online. So you need to pin content from others at least 20 percent of the time, and their content must also be great.

Be sure whatever you pin remains true to who you are and what your blog represents. Your followers will be terribly confused if you flood their feed with tips on underwater basket weaving if you run a site focusing on skydiving.

  1. Join Group Boards

I hear the groans already.

But I already write great content and I make snappy pins. Plus, I just don’t have the followers.

No followers? No fear.

One of the simplest ways to push your pins in front of more eyes is to join group boards. Many Pinterest masters have huge followings that they just might be willing to share with you.

PinGroupie, the online directory for group boards, helps you find these users with ease by the topic of their board. You can also search Facebook Groups for Pinterest Group Board cooperatives.

Once you locate a group board you’d like to join, carefully read the board’s description for directions on how to contact the board owner. If there are no directions, you could still attempt to reach out to the owner by viewing their profile (click on the first picture on the left) and messaging them on Pinterest or finding the contact form on their website.

Most group boards have specific rules about how often you can pin and what types of content is allowed. Follow these rules to the T. Be polite when asking and provide any requested information.

Also, don’t join too many group boards. You should aim for no more than 30% of your boards to be group owned and 70% to be owned by you.

If you aren’t convinced that these three steps will work for you, consider this: This one post has garnered close to a million views in just 18 months thanks to this simple strategy. I’m living proof that it works.

So quit making excuses and start making an impact.

Enjoy Cherie Lowe’s blog, Queen of Free, and learn how she climbed out of more than $127,000 in debt in her book Slaying the Debt Dragon. She’s currently putting the finishes on her second book. So proud of this Write Brilliant Academy graduate.



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